Great Heart’s ethos of empowerment is evident in its unique label design by South African fine artist Jaco Sieberhagen, which is inspired by the story of a compassionate Cape wagtail’s great heart for others:
The little wagtail roamed the great plains of Africa, always on the lookout for a new adventure. One evening, during a thunderstorm, the dry grass veld was set alight by a flash of lightning, destroying everything in its path.

At the first smell of smoke, all the animals fled to safety, except the little wagtail who remembered the human family he had once seen living downwind from the fire and he realised that they were in great danger. Instead of following the other animals, the wagtail flew to their home. With his high-pitched call, he woke the family in time for them to escape to safety.

The next day, the Creator summoned the little wagtail to appear before Him. ‘I have noted your selfless act of courage,’ the Creator said. The Creator then dipped His finger in the soot of the previous night’s veld fire and drew a heart on the white chest of the wagtail. ‘This will remind everyone of the great heart you have.’ And from that day forward, the Cape Wagtail often visits the homes of humans just to see if they are still safe.