An expression of the land and the people who cultivate it

The Great Heart Wine Company is the vision of Andrea & Chris Mullineux, to realise a mechanism for equity and meaningful transformation through fantastic wine and inspirational vineyards. They are committed to sustainable and ethical farming to preserve the natural environment and well-being of their communities. Established in 2020, Great Heart Wines is a winery 100% owned and run by the employees of both the Mullineux and Leeu Passant wineries who directly profit from the wine sales and see the shareholders involved in all the stages of the viticulture and winemaking. Great Heart winemaker Gynore Hendricks, a graduate of the Cape Winemaker’s Guild Protege Program, works in the winery with vineyards hailing from the Swartland, Stellenbosch and Elgin, resulting in wines that have a beautiful natural intensity, complexity, and a true sense of place.

Wines that
are unique and expressive

Our philosophy also extends to our winemaking process, which emphasizes minimal intervention and a natural approach to producing wines that are true to their varietal character and terroir. We believe that our wines are more than just a product; they are a celebration of the diverse and beautiful regions that we call home.

The people
behind the brand

A vision of Chris and Andrea Mullineux’s that came to life in creating Great Heart wines as company in 2020. The Great Heart team, from the vineyards to the winery and warehouse all work as a collective, including Gynore Hendricks, a Cape Winemakers Guild protégé, as the Great Heart winemaker and being 100% owners of the winery, they benefit directly from profits of Great Heart sales.

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